As you've probably gathered by now, many of the vehicles that pass through the Rayvern Workshops subsequently get featured in automotive and other magazines, as well as on televesion and in other forms of media.

We are a company known all over the world. Having built to date over 50 cover cars and 200+ feature cars. From best Minitruck in the USA to Best in Britain. Not only have we had massive magazine coverage, but we've also appeard on TV and in film!

Assembled here for you we have the definitive list of media that Rayvern built vehicles have featured in:

  • American Car World
  • Auto Express
  • Back street Hero
  • Banzai
  • Car Hi Fi
  • Car Stereo
  • Chrome&Flames
  • Classic America
  • Custom Car
  • Drive
  • Fast Car
  • GTI International
  • I.D
  • ICE
  • LRM
  • Max Power
  • Mini Truckin'
  • NBR
  • Performance BMW
  • Performance VW
  • Redline
  • SleazeNation
  • Street Machine
  • Stuff
  • Super VW
  • T3
  • Total Vauxhall
  • VW Speed
  • VW Trends
  • Volksworld
  • ... and many more!

Rayvern built cars have been featured on the following tv shows: TOP GEAR, PULLING POWER, MEN & MOTORS, CARNAGE, BIG BREAKFAST, BRAVO TV, SKY SPORTS

Cars from the Rayvern workshops have also been used for the following: 5 Video (Let's Dance), Ben Sherman Catalogue, River Island Catalogue, URO, Kit Kat TV Advert, Cat Racing (trucks), National & Local newspapers.