We are not only known for our Air and Hydraulic systems, we're also known for our bespoke engineering.

From a one off bracket to a full chassis, be it space frame or box chassis, we have the knowledge and experience to build it.

We can do, or have done: Body Drops, Channelling, Roof Chop and Sectioning. We have the experience, knowledge and skill to carry out any type of work!


An example of some of our spacers

We can machine any type of spacer required exactly to your specification.

We do not ship universal spacers, we only machine to customers' requirements.

Laser Cut Brackets

We made this custom bracket to hold two NOS cans

Want a fancy bracket? No problem, give us the design, or describe what you need and leave it up to us. We'll create you the ultimate bracket!


C Notch

An example of some of our c notches

We can make any C Notch to your spec.

Suicide door hinge kit

We're very proud of our sucide door hinge kit

These are not for the faint hearted!

Four link setup

4 link setup

We can build a customer rear end to your spec. This pictures shows one set up for an Air system. Watts linkage, Triangulated, Parallel or Hairpin - you want it, we'll make it.

Lowering blocks

Our blocks come in various sizes and are manufactured from billet not "Cast" They also have the correct pinion angle machined in to avoid prop shaft problems. Shackle and bolts are included with every kit.

Dropped spindles, Phantom grilles, shocks, flip kits and Hub conversions

All undertaken at Rayvern. All available, just give us a call and we'll do the rest!

Other stuff we do

Chassis Notch Kit
Chassis Notch Kit

Custom Built Sub Frame
Custom Built Sub Frame

Suzuki Wagon R Cage
Suzuki Wagon R Cage

Sweet Engine Bay
Sweet Engine Bay